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The Sanctum Way

apis Sanctum is a bee sanctuary dedicated to the repopulation of Western Honey Bees in North America. 


Through our efforts, we hope to supplement pollination requirements

and the apis mellifera population to guarantee a diverse, healthy, and bright agricultural future.


What we do

 Dr. Thomas D. Seely and his work with bees at Cornell University's Arnot Forest, revealed that Western honey Bees that swarm more often and manage smaller hives have a natural resistance to Varroa mite infestations.

Applying this information, as well as various other studies, apis Sanctum has developed a multi-stage process to "train" our bees to follow the habits of the bees found in the Arnot Forest and develop their own resistance.

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1st stage.jpg

Starting with a normal Langstroth-style brood box, with a few adaptations, we encourage swarming from this first stage hive. After a few swarms are completed and the hive is strong, a colony is then transferred into a second stage hive.

The second stage hive is a small top bar style meant to simulate the creation of a hive in the wild, while still offering the colony protection from the elements. They will remain in these hives until they are ready for their final stage hive. 

2nd stage hive.jpg


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Then What?

After a hive shows the indication of naturally following a higher swarm frequency while leaving modest hives behind for new queens to maintain, then begins the final stage of the process.


apis Sanctum, in collaboration with several partners, moves the colonies "Final Stage" hive, a natural wood hive not meant for checking or harvesting, into a safe a protected area. Adorned with a plaque to guarantee further protection, from here, the bees will continue swarming and naturally repopulate the wild with Varroa Destructor mite-resistant Western Honey Bees.

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"We believe that if we can increase the population of wild honey bees, while providing them with the means to fight varroa mites, we can increase our natural pollination levels to sustain our needs and keep our planet healthy"

     Miller - Founder of apis Sanctum

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