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Operation Detoxify

Soil pollution happens every day, from waste disposal, agricultural and

industrial activities, even accidental spills such as the Fukushima Daiichi Accident

Operation Detoxify is a call to all farmers, gardeners, and land owners to help clean up our planet's soil.


Does it effect Humans ?

Soil pollution is bad for humans; living in, working around, or playing with contaminated soil can lead to skin, respiratory, and other health problems.


Sometimes contaminated soil can lead to cancers.


Soil is what cleanses our groundwater and grows our crops, and soil pollution is steadily getting worse.

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Does it effect Earth?

Soil is used to filter our water; it can provide essential nutrients to our forests and crops, helps regulate the Earth's temperature, and has a positive effect on many necessary greenhouse gases.


Polluted soil also leads to soil erosion, which harms our crops, impairing plant metabolism, and decreasing yields. Monitored increased pollution and sedimentation in streams and rivers, are clogging these waterways and causing declines in fish and other species


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What we can do

Operation Detoxify is a nationwide initiative to raise awareness and put forth a concentrated effort to decrease polluted and contaminated soil in North America.

By planting Phyto-remediators, (plants that can extract and remove elemental pollutants in soil) such as Sunflowers, Hemp, Indian Grass, and more we can reduce toxicity levels in our soil and provide a healthy agricultural future.



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A Combined Effort

By working together and with numerous city and state governments we are trying to find every bit of land we can to plant phyto-remediators to detoxify our ground soil.

With your help we can create a beautiful country filled with bee-friendly, toxin-reducing, and water filtering flora. Every little bit helps and a hive is only as strong as its members.

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"Everything we have and use comes from this earth, its probably in are best interest if we keep where it comes from clean"

     Miller - Founder of apis Sanctum

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