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Our Missions

At apis Sanctum we are dedicated to a few goals. Here you can view our initiatives and check out more information by clicking on the links.


Every little bit helps, so see what you can do to become a part of the solution today !!!


apis Sanctum is first and foremost a bee sanctuary dedicated to the repopulation of Western Honey Bees in North America. 


Through our efforts, we hope to supplement pollination requirements and the apis mellifera population with varroa mite-resistant honey bees to ensure a diverse, healthy, and bright agricultural future.

Hundreds of Thousands of United States soldiers are deployed overseas on average at any given moment.


Brave men and women displaced from their families

and many time access to simple necessities. 

apis Sanctum is doing what we can with the Soap4Soldiers initiative to get our Hand-Crafted Soaps made with All Natural ingredients to those who need them.


Soil pollution happens every day, from waste disposal, agricultural and

industrial activities, even accidental spills such as the Fukushima Daiichi Accident

Operation Detoxify is a call to all farmers, gardeners, and land owners to help clean up our planet's soil.

Staying clean and sanitized can mean the difference in tough times, the ability to wash could prevent disease and infection, giving them a fighting chance against the elements the people of Ukraine now face.


We are doing what we can to support the people of Ukraine by sending care packages of 800 soaps each shipment.


By working together with AEC Parcel  and HelpUkraine Center  we are able to get our soaps to those that need them fast.


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