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apis Sanctum is a bee sanctuary dedicated to the repopulation of Western Honey Bees in North America.  

Through custom bee keeping tactics, guided by the findings of Dr. Thomas D. Seeley and his work with bees at Cornell University's Arnot Forest, we teach bees to swarm more often and build smaller hives.

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Thanks to this process, the bees develop a natural resistance to Varroa Destructor mite, and many other infestations.

Once the colony is strong and instinctively swarming at a higher frequency, we place the hive in a protected location to reproduce in the wild better equipped to survive and thrive.

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We are offering apiaries, beekeepers, gardeners, and more across the nation the opportunity to be a part of the solution!


Sanctum Alvarium: 

North American agriculture consisted of less than

9 crops before the introduction of the 

Western Honey Bee.




Wild rice,






and Avocado.

The main sources of meat were fish, venison, and buffalo,

and we don't have any more of one of those.


Join Sanctum Alvarium today and "bee" a part of a nationwide combined effort to repopulate the Western Honey Bee in the wild of the

United States, Detoxify the Soil, and make


Better Decisions Today for a Better Future Tomorrow.

Check out the links below to learn more about what Sanctum Alvarium and apis Sanctum are doing today!

The apis Sanctum logo is a symbol that lets everyone know that

you're doing what you can to help build a better tomorrow!

By supporting the apis Sanctum initiatives you are not only helping us, but yourself,

your family, and everyone's future by ensuring a continued and ample population of

Western Honey Bees and a clean ecosystem for the healthy development of the food we all eat.

Thank you for your support.

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